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CroakingQs and MORE!

CroakingQs and MORE! published on No Comments on CroakingQs and MORE!

Wow, it’s that time already! Chapter 2 has come and gone like a flash, and we’re ready for what’s next!

If you keep up with CroakingBound on social media, you may know that last week we asked everybody to send us their burning questions, and we received some really fun ones!

Starting on Wednesday, we’ll feature a miniseries called CroakingQs where one of the characters will give you their take on the questions you sent us. For our first episode, Meander will be our host. We’re real curious about how that one will turn out, and we know you are too!

After CroakingQs, we’re gonna ease into something a little different and retell a legend from the world of CroakingBound. That’s right, it’s lore time! Just what legend will we be exploring? You’ll have to wait and see!

Until then, enjoy Meander answering your questions, and thanks for reading!

Love ya!

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