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The First Hop

The First Hop published on No Comments on The First Hop

So here we are! Hop One is complete! I wanna thank all of you cool folks for joining in on the fun! Having you follow along as this crazy story gets started has been awesome and super rewarding.

For this next week, CroakingBound will be featuring some Guest Art between chapters from some very amazing friends of the comic, as well as some new official art for your viewing pleasure. After that, we’ll pick the story back up with Hop Two starting December 7th, so mark your calendars!

It’s so huge to finish this first chapter, it really is. So thank you again for reading. There are many more adventures ahead, I hope you’re ready!

Halloweens 20-Twentee

Halloweens 20-Twentee published on No Comments on Halloweens 20-Twentee

It’s that time of year! That lovely time of year! I hope all of you are staying safe in spite of what an otherwise generally bonkers year it’s been!

There’s been more and more people discovering the comic lately, which has been really really really exciting! If you’ve just started reading, let me say THANK YOU for checking CroakingBound, and I hope you enjoy the ride! Things are really about to go off!

To celebrate the season, I’ve created some special art I hope you all enjoy. It’s like a spooky-science monster-movie type thing with some of the characters we’ve met so far!

Everyone, your support has been so amazing! Thanks for reading, and liking, sharing, and all the comments on social media! You really are the best!

Happy Halloween!

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