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Name: Rivulet // Magical Frog Adventurer // Family: Natterjinx // Birthplace: ???

Info: Riv is a Natterjinx, a kind of magical frog. She was transformed by the power of the Crown of Cauldron, a mythical treasure from eons ago. She’s obsessed with fairy tales and ancient legends, and uses her incredible newfound abilities on her quest to find the Lost Kingdom.

Theme: “Baby Sprite” by Strawberry Girls


Name: Meander Melody Marrow // Arcane Nerd // Family: Witchling // Birthplace: Phantomoor

Info: Meander Marrow is the youngest in a legendary family of witches, and she’s the only one that can’t use magic. She left home to find answers, but found Riv instead. Now she’s trying to capture Riv to make “Blue Frog Soup”, in hopes that it’ll give her the powers she desires.

Theme: “Ghost” by Au/Ra, Alan Walker


Name: Fleece Grandyarn // Knitting Needle Natural // Family: Fluff // Birthplace: ???

Info: Fleece is a travelling mercenary and, judging from her last name, might be connected to the Grandyarn Merchant Company. It is said that the founders of that company disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She now appears to be involved with the Fellowship, and has defeated Walderuse in combat.

Theme: “Numbing Agent” by Royal Coda

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