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H-H-Hiatus?! published on No Comments on H-H-Hiatus?!

We’re sorry to drop this between chapters, but you might have noticed that updates have been a tad spotty lately. Sadly, there’s a reason for that. While there have been some minor issues with the site here and there, delaying updates and stuff, we’ve also been running into scheduling issues in our personal lives. We’re doing fine, but work-wise, we’re in a spot right now where it’s tough to make as much time for working on CroakingBound as we need… So we’ve decided to go on hiatus. We don’t quite know when we’ll be back yet. We’ll be pausing the Patreon for the time being, so nobody gets charged while the comic isn’t running. We wrestled hard with the decision to go on hiatus, but we feel it’s the best call.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to read the comic, and building this community! Things really wouldn’t be the same without you, and we cherish you for the life, laughs, and insight you bring to our little corner of the internet! We couldn’t ask for a cooler gang of CroakingBound enjoyers!

You’re all amazing!

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