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Questions & Answers: Part 2

Questions & Answers: Part 2 published on No Comments on Questions & Answers: Part 2
Guess what?! It’s time for CROAKINGBOUND: Questions & Answers! Hosted by Meander! Again! Leave a comment with your BURNING QUESTIONS! OR Tweet at us with the hashtag #CROAKINGQNA anytime! You can also send us an email if you like! She’ll try to answer as many as possible, so remember to be nice!

Happy Birthday, CroakingBound!

Happy Birthday, CroakingBound! published on No Comments on Happy Birthday, CroakingBound!

Can you believe it’s already been two years since our adventures started? I’m still wrapping my brain around it. Anyways, thanks for reading, everybody! Here’s to many more years of magic, mysteries, and insanely powerful ancient treasures!

Also, we’ve got a cool little announcement in the works, so keep your eyes peeled!

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