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World Building

World Building published on No Comments on World Building

…And that’s the end of Hop 03! What a situation!

Up next we’ve got some very, VERY cool guest art by some very, VERY excellent friends of the comic! After that, we’ll be sharing some special artwork based on the locations we’ve seen in the comic so far. WORLD BUILDING, if you will.

Hope everybody’s having a good year so far! Love ya!

Storytime’s Over

Storytime’s Over published on No Comments on Storytime’s Over

…And that’s it! That’s the story of the Pondlily Knight!

Hope you all enjoyed it. It’s been a little a different from everything else until now, but I think we’re all fired up and ready for what’s next!

Our third chapter of CroakingBound starts NEXT MONDAY (the 22nd), are you ready?

The story will pick right back up as our heroes arrive at the city of Lotus! There’ll be tension, a little bit of family history, and of course, more jumping!

See ya then!

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